Integrating the Tongue & Pulse

The use of tongue and pulse diagnosis lays the foundation for all diagnosis in Traditional Chinese Medicine. The tongue generally presents the true disharmony, while the pulses demonstrate the specifics. The patterns can be complex, and a thorough knowledge and application of the diagnosis is necessary for effective treatments and outcomes.
A systematic review of the diagnostic techniques and theory will start the course. It will quickly progress into a further exploration of the 28 qualities of the pulse and beyond the basics of tongue diagnosis. Ancient and modern techniques will be explored, thereby bringing a complete understanding of diagnosis.
The afternoons will be dedicated to utilizing and demonstrating the techniques covered. Students are invited to provide contacts, allowing for live diagnosis and application. The goal is to have a chance to implement diagnosis in a more comprehensive manner.


Instructors: Tracie Blair, B.A., R.Ac, RMT, Shenan Hartwell, R.Ac, RMT

Prerequisite: Advanced level in Acupuncture

Length: 1 day

Time: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Cost: introductory price $195 ($50 non-refundable deposit)

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